Iridia medical now offers rapid antigen testing

Rapid Antigen covid testing

What is

antigen testing

An antigen test aims to detect the presence of a nucleocapsid protein present in the COVID-19 virus. The main advantage of these 'rapid' tests is to return results back 15 minutes after swabbing. Learn more about the different tests that Iridia offers: 

Safe Traveling

For travel

An antigen test result  fills the requirement for entry to countries such as the USA and the Netherlands. Come in for a quick test at the cheapest rate available, and get to where you're needed. 

For Work

Travel plans, recent exposure event or just peace of mind? Get yourself and your work force tested today with our discounted group rates. 

Wearing Masks in Office


Iridia Medical Covid-19 Collection Centre for Asymptomatic Testing Location: 
1755 West Broadway, Unit 206

Vancouver BC V6J 4S5




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